Nature has garnered us so many gifts and water is one of the most precious gifts that nature has endorsed us. Water plays a crucial role in sustaining life on planet earth. Water is useful in many ways such as for drinking purposes, cooking food, bathing, cleaning utensils, washing clothes, washing the car, etc. Almost 60 percent of freshwater is utilized for agricultural purposes. Water has several health benefits too. It increases immunity, clears toxins from the body, and provides energy. Without water, there won’t be any marine life also.

Nowadays continuous and rigorous exploitation of water has reduced the groundwater level leading to scarcity of water in cities and villages. It’s high time that we should realize the importance of water in our day-to-day life for making the planet sustainable for future generations.

Ten Lines on Save Water Save Earth in English

We have provided 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, a few lines, and sentences on Save Water Save Earth in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. You can add these lines in your essays and paragraphs writing in your exams as well as in the school competitions. It will help you to get knowledge about Save Water Save Earth and its related topics.

10 Lines on Save Water Save Earth

1) Water is one of the most essential natural resources mankind has got.

2) Almost 71 percent of the earth is covered with water but a very less amount is available as fresh water.

3) We keep listening every day about drought and water scarcity issues in many cities of India.

4) Newspapers, TVs, and radios regularly show and announce the slogan of “Save Water-Save Life”.

5) We also know that water means life but in spite of that we regularly waste it.

6) Water is useful for a variety of purposes in day-to-day life like bathing, cooking, drinking, etc.

7) During summers, the problem of water scarcity becomes grave in states like Maharashtra, MP, and Gujarat.

8) People either die or migrate from the places where the water level has gone down.

9) When we waste water, we must try to think of those who go very long distances to bring water.

10) We must wisely use water and recycle the wastewater so that others also could use it.

10 Lines and Sentences on Save Water Save Earth

1) Nature has given us lots of gifts and one of them is water which is considered a life-giving as well as life-saving resources.

2) We have so much water around us that we don’t feel any kind of scarcity but the irony is that we do not regard its value in our life.

3) Clean and potable water is still a high privilege in rural India and the parts of India which are affected by scanty rainfall.

4) In drought-prone areas, many people have to walk miles to collect water and store it for many days due to water scarcity.

5) On the contrary, we the city people are used to wasting lots of water in our day-to-day life.

6) We waste water in our daily activities like bathing, cooking, drinking, washing clothes and utensils, cleaning our bikes and cars, etc.

7) Big hotels, apartments, and public buildings are always splashed with water fountains leading to the wastage of large amounts of water.

8) Deforestation, pollution of rivers and other water bodies, and unplanned water management have led the water scarcity from villages to cities.

9) In order to save water we should give stress on planting more trees and try to make pollution free environment which will also benefit water bodies.

10) In order to stop water wastage, we must stop deforestation and make a proper plan for water management inside the city.

5 Lines on Save Water Save Earth

1) Water is a precious natural resource.

2) Most of the water on the Earth is polluted.

3) Earth is facing a lack of fresh water.

4) Planting trees will help in saving water.

5) We can save Earth by saving water.

20 Lines on Save Water Save Earth

1) Our Mother Nature has given us many useful gifts and water is one of them.

2) We waste large amounts of water daily, we pollute water bodies, and we misuse this wonderful gift.

3) There are still many villages in this world where people walk many kilometers for fresh water daily.

4) We know that water is highly essential for our survival, yet we fail to prevent its misuse.

5) The result is that fresh water is becoming scarce day by day and this threatens our survival.

6) If we want to save water, then we also have to protect water resources.

7) Conservation of water will ensure the availability of fresh water for our future generations.

8) This will help maintain the survival of humans as well as other species on Earth and maintain the balance of the Earth’s ecosystem.

9) If water is not available on Earth, it can become barren land like other planets in the solar system.

10) It is important that we make people aware of the ill effects of water scarcity and its effect on our planet and life.

11) We keep hearing everywhere that we should save water to keep the future safe, but we always take it lightly.

12) We need water from the time we wake up in the morning and until we sleep at night and use water in many ways.

13) Man wastes large amounts of water on a daily basis and it has now become one of the major concerns.

14) We have to understand the importance of water and also be aware of the problems related to its absence.

15) Our government and other awareness-generating organizations have tried to educate us about the importance of water conservation.

16) If we do not take the necessary steps in time, then soon we will face a severe shortage of water.

17) We must not forget that to save the earth we need to save water.

18) Water conservation should be a top priority for government officials and our citizens as well.

19) Without water the entire living kingdom would die and soon the earth would become barren.

20) We must teach our children and the younger generation about the importance of water conservation.

We all know that water is the lifeline of every living being and without water, life will cease to exist. We must realize the fact that though we can use water freely as it is the most abundant natural resource, water comes with a huge cost of responsibility. The continuous exploitation of groundwater for domestic purposes will definitely lead us to the extinction of fresh water. Many scientists and scholars have predicted that the next world war will take place for water. There is a global campaign for saving water by creating awareness among the younger generation about the importance of water preservation else no life on earth would survive in the future.

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