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    I told my mom that i did not do the dishes when i told her that i asked Ani to do them so that i could study for my finals my mom said, yo should’ve done them yourself, they’re your chores, and grounded me for the first week of summer from seeing my friends and going outside, except when it involved cleaning. that’s when i started to think of my plan of revenge. I have 4 sisters who are Ani, Sindy, Lindsay and Maria. My mom’s name is Teresa. They were all pretty hot but i seemed not to notice until i had a very big change in my life, something i never expected. My momand all my sisters have…
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    How do I make this concise whilst covering everything? Here it goes:

    To start off, I am on a brand-new team of 5 teachers including myself, two of which have been there for 5 years and the other two are in their second and third year.. I am the 5th wheel. I dont nearly fit in with either set, but I have shown up when I need to, been friendly, been grateful, asked questions, have done what I have needed to do, etc. One of the newer, younger teachers, clearly has it out for me. She looks at the time I leave everyday and has made multiple, passive-aggressive comments about people leaving early, how late she stays, how she doesnt have any free time, how you cant when you are a teacher, etc. I have a lot of areas to improve upon, but time-management isnt one of them. I am task-oriented, get my job done, and take work home with me, spending hours grading and planning at home. I have tried to come in on the weekend and plan with her and the other one, but was there for three hours and it was more of a social hour than anything– we got one hour of one day done, and I left feeling anxious and overwhelmed and more stressed than before. That was enough planning with them for me. The older of the other two teachers has since helped me lesson plan and I am now doing them on my own. We have weekly meetings and lunches where we discuss issues, but we dont have a set day to plan as a team. The only two that do are the two younger ones, and after I tried I said no more, I can do this more efficiently on my own, and so far, I have- we are all on the same page Well, she has made it known she doesnt like that I dont stay late like she does or plan with the two of them.

    I have tried to be friendly to her, but all I have ever heard from her are snarky, mean-spirited comments about other teachers. One teacher was in her room crying, and after she left she told me that that teacher was “crazy” and “insane” and that she was really good at being fake, because she was a cheerleader and a sorority girl, but most people would be surprised to know that she is a fake “bit”- her exact words After that I didnt feel so bad about not trying to get to know her.

    I posted on here nearly a month ago and things improved for a bit. I have since had an observation where my P told me to observe a veteran teacher I am a newbie and then that teacher would come teach my class. All of this I have done, with a smile on my face, even though I dont agree with some of what she had said she told me that every third grade class should look the same when she walks in, and mine doesnt.. still not 100 on what she meant by that, but it definitely wasnt positive. Well, the veteran teacher is friends with the younger teacher in my grade, and after school when we talked about my class, she asked me point blank if my team lesson plans together, to which I said, some of us, I plan with _____ and ______ sometimes, and she told me I should really be planning with the other, younger two, because they are “good.” I said I didnt know when they plan, they have invited me but I never know for sure not to mention I have no interest in wasting my time so she said “lets go ask” and we walked over there and asked her when we plan.. to which my team member said we didnt have set days, and the vet was surprised even by this and said”well, could you? because I think myself really needs to plan with you guys” and my team member said “well we have invited her. you just cant be a good teacher and do this job and leave by 4 everyday.” and then looked at ME. The vet then asked me if I had anything going on in my life outside of work, and why cant I stay late, and could I one day a week stay late to plan, because she said my lesson plans that I do are really good, but I should stay and build a rapport with these teammates of mine…

    If I were interested in staying at this school or becoming friends, I would definitely have no problem doing so. If I didnt have a long-distance relationship with a 6 hour time difference, where the only time we can chat is 4:30-5 during the work week, so it is imperative that I manage my time in a way that allows me to maintain my relationship, I would definitely not have a prob. But I am not interested in staying here, I have a job offer at my old school where I was a TA for next year, I do not want to build a friendship with them except for the fake one I have to at school, and I DO have a relationship where the only time we chat is what gets me through each day.

    Now.. what should I do? Should I stay and plan with them this week if they invite me? If I do, and they stay til 7 or later, and I have to get up and leave, the looks they will shoot me will be as if I didnt stay and plan with them at all. Not to mention, when they plan, they break it up into two sessions during the week, they plan Mon and Tues, then on Tues they plan Wed-Fri.. Doing that would stress me out majorly. I am uncomfortable… my P didnt ask me to do this, just the vet teacher who is acting like my mentor since we did away with the residency program. The vet said if she were the P, she would make it a requirement to stay two hours late after and plan with your team.. I dont think that is legal? But that is besides the point.

    I dread seeing them, I dread going to work knowing they will be there. My near-husband is the only thing that gets me through, and to ask me not to talk to him to stay and build a rapport with people I have no interest in doing so with just doesnt seem right What should I do?? Sorry this is so long I want to be looked at as a “team player” but where does that line end? And even though I am new, who is to say that just bc I am not in the building I am any less dedicated, or that I am not getting my job done, or that I am not a good teacher???


    I noticed that there is a branch in the linux sources 5.4.163-gti that seems to be pretty active. While I know the documentation and build manifests for the Ultra specify a 4.19 series kernel, I was wondering how much risk there is to trying the 5.x series kernels on it. Has anyone tried this and run into problems?The last update to the 4.19 series seems to be 15 months ago.


    Have a Model 1892 Short Rifle in .357 magnum. My son and I love that rifle. So smooth, so powerful, yet easy to shoot. Just ordered a Model 1892 Carbine in .44 magnum. I cant wait to get it.

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