Follow the ABC’s of Prevention from COVID19

Experts say the best measure for safety is to follow the ABCs of prevention, an approach used to prevent measles before a vaccine.

The ABCs are:

  • Airway: Protect yourself with barrier protection.
  • Bubble: Gather with people who you trust virologically and emotionally.
  • Contacts: If someone in your bubble ends up contracting the virus, it’s easy to contact trace. Experts suggest using a contact tracing app.

Reduce the size of your social bubble

Each person you spend time with indoors who lives outside your household increases your risk and makes contact tracing more difficult.

Though total isolation is impractical, safe choices are possible, Experts say.

“Dobaat is social creatures, so isolation is never a good thing. But if you can identify a safe bubble of a few very trusted people, then you should be able to get through this pandemic,” he said. “But having a super large circle could be hard to manage. Keep it to single digits.”

There is hope ahead

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Limit onsite shopping

Rather than leisurely shopping for food, clothes, and other necessities, try to shorten the amount of time you spend indoors shopping.

“Every minute spent shopping indoors increases your risk,” Braunstein said. “When possible, utilize options such as curbside pickup or delivery service to further reduce your exposure.”

Rethink work and school settings

If you are not working remotely, dobaat suggests moving work gatherings outdoors, if possible.

“Many infections are acquired through contact at work, so be sure to continue to socially distance at least two meters on work, move meetings or other gatherings outside, when possible, or virtual,” as said.

For school setting, practicing CDC guidelinesTrusted Source is the safest option, as DObaat said.

“School learning pods should also reduce the number of students, or be moved outdoors, weather permitting,” DObaat said.

Worship wisely

According to a survey, many of the prayer places are ranked as a high risk for virus transmission, in addition to bars, jails, nursing homes, and indoor restaurants.

“Dobaat has seen that crowded gatherings where there is singing and other types of vocal participation can lead to massive spread,” Experts said. “Praying at home may not feel as good as being with your fellow congregants, but it will help you and your loving family feel safe.”

Outdoor and virtual services can also connect you with your religious community and reduce putting anyone at risk.

Mask up

The CDC reports that experimental and epidemiological data indicate that community-making trusted Sources can reduce the spread of SARS-CoV-2.

Though a cloth mask Trusted Source offers some protection, the mask’s ability to protect you from breathing in the virus might depend on its fabric type, the number of layers of fabric it consists of, and how well the mask fits, according to the Experts.

Take the opportunity to secure a more effective mask, such as a tight-fitting surgical mask or an N95. If you do not have access to a better mask, then wearing two masks may be more protective than wearing only one.

Wearing two masks isn’t necessary, though, if your mask has two layers, Experts added.

“Studie has shown this can be sufficient to stop enough of the droplets from getting through. Mind you, any mask needs to be worn properly with seals above the nose and around the chin,” Experts said.

Apply hand sanitizer regularly

Dobaat continues to recommend practicing good hygiene by washing your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Also, use a hand sanitizer Trusted Source that contains at least 60 percent alcohol if soap and water aren’t available.

“Given the smaller infectious dose required to transmit the new strains, activities such as touching credit card pads or gas pump handles become riskier,” Dobaat said. “Keep a small bottle of sanitizer with you every time so that you can immediately sanitize after these activities.”

Get vaccinated

When it’s your turn, get vaccinated. Experts said the vaccines encode for multiple spike proteins, and changes to a single protein should not limit vaccine effectiveness.

“However, it is conceivable that one of the other variants, or a future variant, may require a new or changed vaccine,” he said. “This is just one reason why it is so critical that we slow the spread and vaccinate at-risk persons as quickly as possible.”

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