Twitter Verification requirements – how to get the blue check

The blue checkmark on Twitter is a symbol of authenticity and credibility. It signifies that an account has been verified by Twitter and meets their eligibility criteria.

Previously, accounts were verified based on three criteria – being active, notable, and authentic. However, starting from April 1, Twitter is winding down its legacy verification program. This means that accounts that were verified under the previous criteria will no longer retain their blue checkmark unless they subscribe to Twitter Blue.

Twitter Blue is a paid subscription service that offers additional features and benefits to its users. To receive or retain the blue checkmark, subscribers need to meet the eligibility criteria set by Twitter. This ensures that only authentic and credible accounts are verified and distinguished from impersonators or fake accounts.

In summary, the blue checkmark on Twitter represents authenticity and credibility. To obtain or retain it, users must meet Twitter’s eligibility criteria and subscribe to Twitter Blue.

Eligibility criteria for the blue checkmark

Twitter has updated its eligibility criteria for the blue checkmark, which signifies a verified account on the platform. Only accounts that are actively subscribed to Twitter Blue, the platform’s paid subscription service, are eligible to receive the blue checkmark.

To maintain the integrity of the platform, Twitter has set specific criteria that accounts must meet to receive or retain the blue checkmark. These include having a complete profile with a display name and profile photo, being active on the platform in the past 30 days, and having a confirmed phone number for security purposes.

Additionally, accounts must not engage in platform manipulation or spam, and must not show any signs of being misleading or deceptive. The account’s profile photo, display name, and username must not have undergone any recent changes.

Twitter’s team will review subscribed accounts to ensure they meet the eligibility criteria before granting the blue checkmark. However, Twitter will no longer be accepting applications for the blue Verification checkmarks under the previous criteria of active, notable, and authentic.

In conclusion, the blue checkmark on Twitter signifies a verified account, but now requires active subscription to Twitter Blue and meeting the platform’s eligibility criteria. This change ensures that only authentic and credible accounts are verified and distinguished from impersonators or fake accounts.

Loss of the blue checkmark

The coveted blue checkmark on Twitter is a symbol of credibility and authenticity, but it’s not a guarantee for life. According to Twitter’s Terms of Service, the platform may remove the checkmark from an account at any time, without prior notice.

If you make any changes to your profile photo, display name, or username (@handle), it could result in a temporary loss of the blue checkmark until your account is reviewed and deemed to meet the platform’s eligibility criteria. During this review period, you won’t be able to make any further changes to your profile information.

In addition, Twitter may remove the checkmark from accounts that violate the Twitter Rules. Therefore, it’s important to follow the platform’s policies and guidelines to maintain your verification status.

It’s also worth noting that you may not be able to purchase Twitter Blue if you’re a person with whom Twitter is not permitted to do business under US and other applicable economic sanctions and trade compliance laws.

In summary, the blue checkmark is a valuable asset for establishing credibility on Twitter, but it’s not a guarantee for life. By following Twitter’s guidelines and avoiding any policy violations, you can help ensure that your account maintains its verification status.

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