We still have a lot of work and workers, just we need to give the best opportunities to our farmers and laborers for their income.

We have lots of work and workers now, just need to give best opportunity to our farmers and labourers

Our country is an agricultural country, and we want it to always be the best. Therefore, we must now bring the farmers and laborers into the leading category. Otherwise we will be on the path of development, but the superiority of our agricultural primacy may be lost.

This is a very reliable argument that is being made. The World Bank data shows that about 60.3 percent of India’s land area is agricultural land. The bank defines agricultural land as “part of the land area that is arable, permanent crops and permanent pastures”.

Now let’s talk about the poor farmers and laborers who are greatly affected by the epidemic like Covid 19. Because of which those poor laborers who have moved from city to village.

In the states of the country, unusable arable land (which is only and only under the government’s authority) can be allocated to the poor farmers and agricultural laborers who are poor laborers who do farming and migrate from city to village.

The government may make them aware through the new scheme, and may allot them land for farming, on which they can do agriculture related farming like: fruits, vegetables, pulses, rice, wheat, maize, sugarcane, And cotton etc. So that they can live by selling them. First, consumption in our country, and if necessary, can also be exported to distant countries, so that the country can earn and which can be used for our development.

The way forward: Now, let’s talk about how to save those crops through new crop technology, so that the crops can have a good yield. Two or three agricultural assistants (education related to agriculture) can be appointed from each village of the country, who are directly connected with the district agriculture department, they can be trained in new crop technology, so that they can grow crops from time to time. Monitor and provide appropriate support to farmers when needed. So that the quality of crops is good, so that the farmers get good prices on selling the crops and ensure the way of development in their lifestyle. And new employment opportunities will be created for the unemployed.

We can build a new mega project like gas-pipelines, we need to connect each village to a water pipeline (to the nearest river / lake / pond) where there is a greater need than other states. , So that they can irrigate the cultivated area through water, so that the yield of the crop can be good, so that the lifestyle of farmers and laborers can be improved.

Water distribution system: – If we create small water flow in every area from rivers where there is a great need for ground water in agriculture, then we will be able to conserve arable land.

1: – Water can be transported for irrigation of fields through large pipeline from rivers. In which minimum fees can be charged from farmers through meter reading. Every small and big farmer will get water in it.

2: – If these pipe lines from rivers reach fields and homes, the water can be stored through water storage, and water can be supplied everywhere.

3: – The revenue generated through these water distribution systems can be used in modernization of water storage and conservation, which will also create new employment opportunities.           

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    But what are the differences between their two plans?

    The Scottish First Minister had generally plotted a slightly slower and she would argue safer course.

    The pm, Perhaps mindful that it will be him that has ultimate responsibility to help with a recession, is more impatient.

    utilizing some areas, the differences are deep and pronounced. in other business owners, London and Edinburgh have set out extremely similar proposals.

    But an excellent reopening schools, Plans have diverged perhaps beyond in any other area.

    ‘part time’ for an imprecise period, Potentially spending as little as two days a week in classes and other time learning at home. at that time, Pupils will be ‘part time’ for an indefinite period, Potentially spending as little as two days a week russian ladies in classes and the rest of the time learning at home. Mr Johnson’s plan has provoked furious weight from teaching unions, Who said he was reopening far too early, And some schools and town halls are defying his system on safety grounds.

    In Scotland where one large teaching union has far more influence over government policy than can be the case in England teachers are largely on board with the timetable but are demanding more clarity over how the part time ‘blended learning’ system will work.

    The proceed is “A critical step on the road to rebuilding our economy, And will support an incredible number of jobs across the UK, Alok Sharma, The UK business assistant, says.

    All shops in Scotland has the ability to reopen in ‘phase two’ of the process of easing restrictions. We don’t know exactly when this can be but the earliest likely date will be June 18. Scotland is to enter ‘phase one’ on the way map on May 28, And Ms Sturgeon has said she will review whether to proceed to the next stage every three weeks.

    There is a caveat in Scotland large shops will only be permitted to open if their sales area is no more than 800 square metres, Meaning some areas of stores will have to be closed off.

    although, It is expected that people is able to use click and collect services to buy goods in inaccessible areas.

    It had initially been planned that large shops in Scotland would be closed for extended, Before SNP ministers agreed to endanger.

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