Verstappen wins the Japanese Grand Prix and the world title after a prolonged rain delay. Leclerc holds off Perez, barely. The Ferrari racer had to cut a corner in the end and that would be under investigation. Ocon pulled off an unbelievably composed defensive drive against Hamilton to come forth.

However, Formula One confirmed that Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc who had emerged to second was pushed back to third after receiving a 5-second penalty for cutting a chicane at the end. Leclerc’s drop meant Verstappen’s compatriot Sergio Perez finished second.

According to FIA rules, the staggered points only come in “if a race is suspended in accordance with Article 57, and “cannot be resumed”. The race was resumed, so the FIA said full points were awarded for Verstappen after a brief twist.

The win marked Verstappen’s second-successive F1 title.

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